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I have noticed that there seems to be some confusion among some members of the public about what or who are "registered dog breeders" in Australia.

In relatively recent times, various new associations etc. have commenced and which allows for their members to become registered dog breeders. Each of these different organizations have set varying requirements in order to be registered as a dog breeder with them.

However, in NSW, the long-standing organization for registered dog breeders in NSW is Dogs NSW, which was previously known as the Royal NSW Canine Council.

Dogs NSW is a registered member of the Australian national body for registered breeders, that is, the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). Each State of Australia have their own State body that re also members of the ANKC.

The ANKC and State members have set a range of rules, regulations, and policies in relation to the breeding of dogs in Australia, mainly centred around purebred breeds.

Some advertising has been indicating that you can have dual registered dogs. That is, a dog registered with two different organisations.

It is my understanding that dogs registered in NSW through Dogs NSW and the ANKC are not to be registered with any other similar body. This is not to be confused with the having your dog registered with your local Council for owner identification purposes.

Hence, I would question any claims that dogs are or can be "dual-registered" with a ANKC member and another body or organisation.

Here are a few questions and answers about registered dog breeders in Australia.

Are dog breeders registered? Not all! And some pretend to be registered when they are not.
Registered breeders nsw? Check out Dogs NSW
Registered breeders wa? Check out Dogs West
Registered breeders qld? Check out Dogs Queensland
Registered breeders victoria? Check out Dogs Victoria
Registered breeders northern territory? Check out Dogs NT
Registered breeders south australia? Check out Dogs SA
Registered breeders tasmania? Check out Dogs Tasmania
Registered breeders act? Check out Dogs ACT
How to check registered dog breeders?You can check the registration of a breeder with one of the above-mentioned State bodies, which is a good idea. This check should be able to confirm if the breeder is registered and accepted by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC).
How to find registered dog breeders?To find a registered dog breeder in your State, I would contact the relevant State body mentioned above.
How much to be a registered dog breeder?The cost to be a registered dog breeder varies from State to State and between the different organisations. I would contact the relevant State body mentioned above.
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